Key Issuance

Procedure Number: XXX
Issue Date: March 12, 2019
Last Revision Date: March 12, 2019

This document outlines the procedures that the Key and Lock Shop will use when issuing, replacing, and returning keys.

PPM 5-44 Lock and Key Policy
PPM 5-44A Electronic Access Policy

Area Access Manager (AAM): The individual who assigns the access level to electronic access
cards upon receipt of completed and appropriately approved request forms.
Building Access Request: A request for access to an area by physical steel key or electronic
access card submitted using Workflow.

Responsible Party:
Facilities Management Building Access Manager


A. Key Issuance
Individuals wishing to have key(s) issued to them shall complete the Key Request process.  The request must have all approvals in place prior to any keys being issued.  A deposit must be paid for the first key issued to an individual. 

B. Key Replacement
1. Lill see an email request for the requesting individual to
access the building and room(s). 
13. Select the building to which the individual requires access and specific room
14. Request any special requests in the “Comments” box (i.e. accessing outside doors
only, multiple interior doors etc.).
15. Click “Submit.” This will send a request for electronic signatures of approval to
access the desired space.

C. Key Return
Before exiting the University or transferring to another department, all WSU employees any issued keys must be returned to Facilities Management.  Deposits will be refunded (via the same method they were paid) when all keys are returned.

C. Locker Keys
The issuance and control of locker keys is the responsibility of the Dean, Department Head, or Administrative Officer who is charged with control of lockers within a given building.

C. Record Keeping
Facilities Management will maintain a comprehensive listing of all keys issued by its Key and Lock Shop.

C. Grandfathering of Deposit
Those individuals who were issued keys prior to the implementation of the $25 deposit per person policy (previously, it was a $1 deposit per key), will not be required to provide a deposit at the current rate unless they require a new key beyond those already issued.  The individual requiring a new key will be given credit for any deposits already paid and those credits will apply to the required $25 deposit per person.  Nor will a one-for-one exchange of keys require payment of the difference in the deposit.