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The College Experience

College should be fun! We have a ton of diverse student clubs, organizations and activities both on campus and online all year long! We’re committed to equity and diversity so we know there’s a group on campus you’ll enjoy. The more involved you are, the more you’ll love Weber State. 



At Weber State you can earn your degree with little to no debt and go on to earn more money in your chosen career. From scholarships to other financial aid opportunities, we’ve got you covered.


A Successful First Year Experience

Getting involved is one of the best ways to succeed in college and first-year programs are a great way to do just that! Make connections and learn about diverse viewpoints with your peers and get the full university experience.


Majors in College

Find the right college major for you with over 200 types of degrees offered, making Weber State one of the best choices for college in Utah.


The path to college wasn’t easy for Yuritzi Jamileth Rosas Hernandez. Growing up a girl of color in predominantly white schools, she often felt like the “odd one out.” Now, three years into her college experience, she’s excelling at Weber State.




Whether you’ve already earned some college credit or are a new incoming freshman, we have the info you need.

Mentoring and Tutors

Whether you’re a first-generation student or just don’t know if you’ve chosen the right degree path, we can help!

General Studies & Exploratory Advising

Get customized help for your first year of college with advising, GPA help and more.

Disability Services

Learn about our services and accommodations, including adaptive technology and cooperative education placement.

On-Campus Employment

Need a little extra cash? Get a job on campus.

Campus Terms & Definitions

We get it, the acronyms are confusing.

Free Help With FAFSA and Financial Coaching

Money management can be overwhelming and we can help with that.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

We’re serious about our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Weber Cares Food Pantry

WSU wants to decrease food insecurity and increase your ability to stay in school and get your degree.