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Dr. Marek Matyjasik



Ph.D. at Kent State University
M.S. at Warsaw University, Poland
B.S. at Warsaw University, Poland


Contact Information

Phone: 801-626-7726
Office Location: 
Tracy Hall Science Center (TY)
Room 332, Mail Code 2507




Teaching Philosophy & Focus

My teaching centers around water resources, groundwater, contaminant transport and engineering geology. I also enjoy teaching introductory courses in environmental geoscience and physical geology. 

I like the challenges of teaching online courses. My online courses evolved over the last 10 years as new technologies became available.

Classes Taught

GEO 1060 - Environmental Geosciences
GEO 1065 - Environmental Geosciences Lab
GEO 1110 - Dynamic Earth
GEO 3080 - Water Resources
GEO 3753 - Geomicrobiology
GEO 3880 - Groundwater
GEO 4100 - Engineering Geology
GEO 4150 - Environmental Assessment
Iceland Study Abroad with Dr. Matyjasik

Research Areas of Interest

My research interests include groundwater flow, water chemistry and contaminant transport. Groundwater flow projects include fracture bedrock aquifers and aquifer storage and recovery. 

Water chemistry projects include geochemical modeling and nano-scale reactions between water, mineral surfaces, and chemical contaminants. 

I collaborate with other researchers from my department, the Department of Physics, and other universities. 

Specific Projects

Please visit this page for more information about my specific research projects.


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Iceland Study Abroad with Dr. Matyjasik
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