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Computational Data Science and Machine Learning Graduate Certificate

The primary academic objectives of this certification are to help students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the concepts of business intelligence, data analytics, and data science. Students will be able to interpret the tools and techniques related to prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive analytics. In addition, students will understand, assess, and apply computational algorithms utilized in data science investigations.

The majority of the required courses for this program are taught in person during the day. 

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Application Deadlines

Application Requirements

Require Courses (12 credits)

  • CS 6570 (Data Science Algorithms I)
  • CS 6580 (Data Science Algorithms II)
  • CS 6600 (Machine Learning)
  • Take one of the following:
    • CS 6700 (Deep Learning Theory)
    • CS 6705 (Applied Cloud Computing)


What You Will Learn

  • Data Management and storage.
  • Advanced methodologies in applied machine learning, data mining, and visualization concepts.
  • Deep learning theory on face recognition, speech synthesis and recognition, object detection, and robotics.
  • Modern cloud and distributed computing paradigms and tools.

Contact Us

MSDS Admissions Office                    Engineering Technology Bldg., Room 110A
1447 Edvalson St., Dept. 1801
Ogden Utah 84408-1801