SDDS 2024 Accessibility Micro-credential


The SDDS 2024: Accessibility micro-credential offers a multifaceted curriculum designed to enhance the inclusivity of digital content across various platforms.

The Accessibility training path will delve into the creation of accessible documents using tools like Adobe Acrobat and InDesign, explore compliant and user-friendly website development, and provide guidance on incorporating video captions which are vital to accessibility. The series also includes classes on accessible campus communications that cater to the entire university community and accessible learning design for creating educational materials that accommodate diverse learning preferences. This learning path aims to empower the university community to create content that is accessible to everyone, fostering an environment of inclusivity. To earn this credential, you must attend 4 out of the 6 accessibility classes offered during the Summer Digital Development Series and follow the instructions to submit an artifact as proof of participation, learning and application for each class.

**If you haven't already, learn how to set up your Folio account and earn micro-credentials before enrolling. 



Complete 4 of the 6 classes and their requirements below by August 16, 2024


Class 1: Mastering Kaltura: Video Management and Inclusive Content Creation** | June 5

Description: This beginner-intermediate class will cover the interface of Kaltura, introduce Kaltura Capture for content creation, and effective video management. Learners will learn how to appropriately tag, filter, and add descriptions for videos. Learners will also learn how to make chapters using the Kaltura video editor and how to add and edit captions to make videos more accessible.

Watch the Mastering Kaltura: Video Management and Inclusive Content Creation recording 


  1. Attend live virtually  or view recording.
  2. Create a 3-minute video using Kaltura Capture to introduce your department and its services.
  3. Access video within the Kaltura platform or upload video to Kaltura if needed.
  4. Write and edit description for video, add tags, add thumbnail.
  5. Add and edit captions to be 100% correct, Add video to Playlist, Make sure video is set to unlisted.
  6. Link video to micro-credential SDDS 2024: Accessibility

** This class also counts towards the SDDS 2024: Creative Design micro-credential.

Class 2: Web Design Essentials: Building Accessible Sites with SEO Mastery** | June 19

Description: Dive into the art of web design with our “Web Design Essentials” workshop. This session is tailored for those eager to blend aesthetics with functionality. You’ll gain expertise in creating websites that are not only visually appealing but also universally accessible and optimized for search engines. Join us to enhance your website’s user experience and search visibility.

Watch the Web Design Essentials: Building Accessible Sites with SEO Mastery recording


  1. Attend live or view recording. 
  2. Open your department webpage or a web page you manage.
  3. Run the page through an accessibility checker.
  4. Take a screenshot of the current website and results.
  5. Come up with a plan of at least 3 improvements to enhance accessibility in a document.
  6. Update webpage or reach out to your webpage manager to make changes.
  7. Run accessibility checker again and take screenshot of new webpage.
  8. Upload both screenshots and a document of your plan to the micro-credential SDDS 2024: Accessibility.

** This class also counts towards the SDDS 2024: Creative Design micro-credential

Class 3: Caption Creation 101: Boosting Video Accessibility for All | June 20

Description: In our pursuit to make video content accessible, good captions are critical. Captioning videos with modern software has never been easier. Come learn some simple workflows to add captions to your videos and improve accessibility.

Watch the Caption Creation 101: Boosting Video Accessibility for All recording 


  1. Attend live or view recording.
  2. Caption a 3 minute video using both Premiere Pro and Kaltura.
  3. Export your video twice: once with the option "Caption Burn In" in Premiere and the second without caption burn in.
  4. Upload 2 videos to Kaltura. In Kaltura use the auto caption tool for video without the burn in. Edit the caption file to be 100%.
  5. Link both videos from Kaltura to the micro-credential SDDS 2024: Accessibility.

Class 4: Basic Learning Design | June 25

Description: Embark on a journey to transform the way you teach with our foundational learning design class. This course will equip you with fundamental skills in Learning Management Systems (LMS) and instructional design, enhancing your digital teaching toolkit. This course offers a blend of theory and practical insights that will empower you to create compelling educational experiences. Join us to elevate your instructional strategies and bring innovation into your classroom!

Watch the Basic Learning Design recording


  1. Attend live or view recording.
  2. Using the learning design template provided in the workshop, identify how you will ensure all training content/materials will meet accessibility standards.
  3. Upload your plan with clear explanations for addressing accessibility to micro-credential SDDS 2024 - Accessibility.

*This class also counts toward the SDDS 2024: Creative Design micro-credential.

Class 5: Inclusive Document Design: Adobe Tools for Accessibility | July 10

Description: Unlock the potential of inclusive design with our “Inclusive Document Design” training. This practical workshop provides step-by-step guidance on utilizing Adobe Acrobat and other document tools for crafting documents that welcome every reader. Learn the accessibility features, meet compliance standards, and expand your document’s reach. Join us to champion inclusivity in every page you create!

Watch the Inclusive Document Design recording


  1. Attend live or view recording.
  2. Design a PDF for your department that obtains an 100% accessibility rating after being processed through accessibility tracker. 
  3. PDF must included one photo with alt text, Text boxes must include a Title, Header 1, Header 2 and Body text. Include your department's logo on the document with alt text.
  4. Upload PDF and screenshot of accessibility tracker to micro-credential SDDS 2024 - Accessibility.

Class 6: Campus Communications: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Mass Email** | July 17

Description: Master the art of campus communications and ensure your messages are both heard and felt. Learn to craft announcements that are clear, engaging, and resonate with your colleagues. This class will enhance your ability to communicate key messages with impact, fostering a well-informed community.

Watch the Campus Communications recording


  1. Attend live or view recording.
  2. Design 3 communications for 3 different digital channels of your choice from these options: Email, Announcement, Social Media, ScreenCloud, Physical poster/flyer/brochure/lawn sign. Photos must have alt text. Text must follow proper hierarchies. Colors must meet proper contrast standards.
  3. Run communications through accessibility checker to obtain highest percentage.
  4. Upload communications with accessibility checker to micro-credential  SDDS 2024 - Accessibility.

** This class also counts towards the SDDS 2024: Productivity micro-credential.

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