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Quick Links

The following links are organized by topic to help you easily find fun and exciting teaching resources!



General Resources

*NEW* Weber State University is offering you FREE access to Mystery Science's student-facing, standards-based, on-line lessons during this crazy year for elementary school students. 

The American Natural History Museum has a large collection of online resources.

The Exploratorium has several resources to help get you started including a Digital Teaching Toolbox and a Digital LIbrary.

The Montana Natural History Museum provides lesson plans about nature and science. 

NSTA has a Daily Do site that has different activities and lessons each day.


You can practice botany in your backyard by using Budburst, an interactive citizen science application that has information about local plants (including northern Utah!). Take pictures and upload them to help scientists around the world!



Earth and Environmental Science


Check out this link for interactive earth and space science simulations.

Topics include Glaciers, the Greenhouse Effect, Plate Tectonics and much more!

Learn all about freshwater lakes and ecosystems with this DIY Lake Science application.



Check out this link for interactive physics simulations.

Topics include Bending Light, Build an Atom, Circuit Construction and much more!

Learn all about the sun with this DIY Sun Simulation.

This free online class goes into the details of motion and mechanics. 


Check out this link for interactive biology simulations. 

Get an interactive animal experience at home with live cameras from the San Diego Zoo and the Monteray Bay Aquarium. The aquarium also has great online educator resources




Check out this link for interactive math simulations.

Topics include Arithmetic, Build a Fraction, Plinko Probability and much more!




Check out this link for interactive biology simulations. 

Topics include Stretching DNA, Membrane Channels, Gene Machine and more!



Check out this link for interactive chemistry similations.

Topics include Acid-Base Solutions, Build a Molecule, Gas Properties and much more!





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