Launching Science and Math Teachers

Weber State Propel Project

The Weber State University Math and Science Teaching Propel Project provides information, opportunities, and support to individuals exploring and committing to careers in mathematics and science teaching.   If you currently have or are pursuing a STEM degree and are interested in teaching mathematics or science, the Propel Project offers classroom experiences to “try on” teaching and two-year full cost-of-attendance scholarships to secure a mathematics or science teaching endorsement along with your teaching license.  If you are currently a mathematics or science teaching major and would like to learn about early teaching opportunities available to you, the Propel Project can help.


  • Propel Intern Program
    where you can visit and work in classrooms and experience the science or math teaching from the inside with no obligation. You'll be placed with classroom teachers who would welcome your presence and help. We'll schedule you for a few hours each week and pay you for your time.
  • Propel Scholars Program
    in which you are provided with a full-ride plus supplemental costs for up to 4 semesters with each semester of support totalling over $9000 (i.e., over $36,000 of support in total) and we provide a dedicated faculty mentor, placements with master teachers in math and science, and advising towards completing your STEM degree plus teaching licensure requirements. 

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National Science Foundation
NSF Award Number 2050050