WSU COVID-19 Response Timeline

January 2020

Early to mid-Jan.: Office of Emergency Management begins monitoring COVID-19 and revises Pandemic Response Plan. 

Jan. 31: WSU sends its first communication campuswide about the virus titled “Preventing Viral Infections.”

March 2020

March 4: WSU activates COVID-19 Incident Management Team. 

March 6: Utah Department of Health reports the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Utah. 

March 11: WSU informs staff and students of a travel survey to self-report travel taken outside the U.S. since Feb. 15. 

March 12: At the instruction of Gov. Gary Herbert, WSU announces plans to:

  • Suspend classes from March 13-17.
  • Move as many courses as possible to remote or online delivery for the remainder of the spring semester. 
  • Suspend all international and out-of-state university-sponsored travel through April 20. 

March 15: WSU informs all supervisors that they need to identify all employees who can perform their primary responsibilities remotely, and begin phasing them into a work-from-home arrangement. 

March 16: 

  • The Stewart Library, Shepherd Union Building and Stromberg Complex close at the end of the day. 
  • Study abroad trips are canceled through May 10. 
  • Students are asked to remain off campus and to refrain from congregating anywhere per the latest federal coronavirus guidelines. 

March 17: 

  • All testing centers and computer labs are closed at the end of the day. 
  • WSU Athletics suspends all athletic activities.
  • Withdrawal, credit/no-credit, audit deadline is extended to April 17.

March 18:

  • Courses resume online.
  • Commencement is postponed.
  • Big Sky Conference cancels all spring competitions and championships, suspends all practices.

March 21: WSU’s first COVID-19 case is confirmed.

March 25: Students are asked to check out of on-campus housing if they are able.

March 26: WSU announces summer semester will be offered in an online/virtual format. 

April 2020

April 2: Governor Herbert issues "Stay Safe, Stay Home" directive through May 10.

April 10: Credit/No-credit deadline further extended to April 24.

April 17: WSU announces Aug. 29 as new commencement date. 

May 2020

May 1: Weber State announces plans to move from High Risk Phase to Moderate Risk Phase.

May 11: Moderate Risk Phase begins. 

May 28: Weber State announces plans to move from Moderate Risk Phase to Low Risk Phase.

June 2020

June 1: Low Risk Phase begins.

July 2020

July 1: Weber State announces plans for the 2020 fall semester, which includes holding classes both in-person and online.

August 2020

Aug. 6: The Big Sky conference cancels the 2020 college football season.

Aug. 24: The fall 2020 semester begins with classes offered in-person, online, virtual and hybrid.

Aug. 29: Spring commencement is held at Stewart Stadium.

September 2020

Sept. 14: Weber State announces plans for the spring semester.

October 2020

Oct. 13: On-campus COVID-19 testing for symptomatic individuals is offered.

Oct. 19: Weber State switches to using the Transmission Rate Index. Davis, Morgan and Weber counties are listed as having a moderate transmission rate.

November 2020

Nov. 8: The Utah Department of Health mandates all university and college students in Utah to be tested weekly for COVID-19. This is to be implemented as soon as possible, but no later than Jan. 1, 2021.

Nov. 12: Weber State cancels in-person fall 2020 convocation.

Nov. 16: Weber State makes COVID-19 testing available for all members of our campus community. 

January 2021

Jan. 11: The 2021 spring semester begins.

Jan. 22: Randomized surveillance testing begins. Symptomatic and non-symptomatic testing remains available.

March 2021

March 8–12: Spring break.

March 15: Weber State loosens travel and event guideline restrictions.

March 31: Travel and event guidelines are extended through June 25. Gov. Spencer Cox signs legislation that will lift significant portions of Utah’s statewide mask mandate on April 10. Weber State continues to require face coverings while in university facilities through at least June 25.

April 2021

April 29–May 1: Commencement is held at Stewart Stadium.

May 2021

May 10: Summer semester begins with classes offered both online and in person.

May 17: COVID-19 protocols for face coverings, events and travel are revised; starting May 19, masks are no longer required on campus for those who have been vaccinated but are strongly recommended for individuals who have not been vaccinated. The university also eased restrictions related to holding events on campus.

May 11, 18 & 25: The university, in partnership with the Weber-Morgan Health Department, holds free vaccination clinics at the Dee Events Center.

June 2021

June 15: WSU lifts remaining COVID-19 protocols for events and travel.

July 2021

July 21: WSU stops offering COVID-19 tests on campus, however, free testing continues to remain available across the state.

July 29: Weber State continues to welcome those who want to wear face coverings as the CDC issues new guidelines due to an increase in delta variant cases recommending fully vaccinated individuals wear face coverings when indoors in an area of high or substantial transmission. Universities are prohibited by state law (HB1007) from requiring face coverings on campuses.

August 2021

Aug. 5: The university, in partnership with the Weber-Morgan Health Department, holds free vaccination clinics throughout the month of August. Symptomatic testing is also made available at the Ogden WSU campus.

Aug. 27: After receiving guidance from the Utah System of Higher Education, Weber State announces COVID-19 vaccinations will be required for all students, except for concurrent enrollment students and students who qualify for an exemption, for the 2022 spring semester.

September 2021

Weber State continues to hold various vaccination clinics at both Ogden and Davis campuses. Symptomatic testing is available at the Ogden campus Student Health Center.

December 2021

Dec. 17: In-person commencement is held.

January 2022

Both vaccination and testing clinics continue to be available to the campus community at the Ogden campus and Community Education Center in Ogden. Post-holiday/travel testing is also available in the Public Safety Building.

Jan. 10: Spring semester beings with classes held online and in person.

Jan. 14:  Governor Cox and Dr. Leisha Nolen, state epidemiologist, announced that due to a shortage of available test kits, Utah is temporarily changing how it handles COVID-19 testing due to the high volume of COVID-19 cases being reported in Utah because of the Omicron variant. They urge those who are symptomatic to stay home. Weber State continues to host testing and vaccine clinics.

March 2022

March 30: State-sponsored COVID-19 testing sites begin to close.

April 2022

April 29-30: In-person commencement is held.