If circumstances require you to teach remotely, use Canvas tools to create content that focuses on teaching, grading, and connecting with students.


Note that in an emergency, systems may respond slower than normal.



Adapt your in-class activities for an online environment. Your department may have online content you can access. Utilize the Canvas tools below to build content to meet your learning outcomes and keep your class going (select the icon to access information). For more info about training in Canvas, go to For information on how to quickly get your course materials online, please visit


Keep your students informed about your class.


Present live video at your usual class time or another agreed-upon time.


Have students work together on assignments as a class or in small groups.


Chat with students who are online at the same time as you.


Create discussion boards in which students can interact with each other.


Use the built-in Canvas messaging system to stay in contact with your students.


  • If using publisher content, verify that it is still functioning. If not, provide alternative materials.
  • Decide how to accept assignment submissions remotely. Either through Canvas (recommended) using Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes (low-stakes), which will automatically create columns in the Gradebook. Or through other means (email, Google Docs, phone call, etc.) and create Gradebook placeholders.

Consider alternative assessments if Testing Centers are unavailable. Visit for ideas on how to adapt your exams.

  • If Chitester is unavailable, replace it with Canvas Quizzes, take-home exams, projects, or phone exams.
  • If Chitester is available, utilize ProctorU or change to non-secure exams (take-home exams). Please note that there is a cost associated with the use of ProctorU. That cost is the responsibility of the student.

Publish Canvas content and courses.

  • Click “Save & Publish” when creating any content in Canvas (Assignments, Quizzes, Pages, etc.).
  • Click “Publish” in the upper-right corner of your course homepage so students can see your Course in their Canvas account.


  • Use the Canvas Gradebook to consistently notify students of their grades. Keep in mind that for the Gradebook Totals column to be accurate, all scores for the semester must be included.
  • Keep in contact with your Chair about when and how to submit grades.


Connect with students online by providing positive leadership and a strong online presence.

  • Instruct students to activate Canvas Notifications (link) so they don’t miss critical communications: Keep up to date by turning on your Canvas notifications (link): Log into Canvas, click “Account” in the menu bar, click “Notifications” and activate “Notify me right away” for “Announcements” and any other activities you think will be useful.
  • Schedule online “office hours” and notify students of your preferred mode of communication (Weber email, Google hangouts, Canvas chat, Canvas Conferences, phone call).


For more help contact:

Canvas Support
ChiTester Support