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DCHP Interprofessional Education Committee


The Dumke College of Health Professions Interprofessional Education (IPE) Committee promotes educational collaboration among students and faculty. It prepares highly competent and compassionate healthcare professionals who utilize interprofessional communication and teamwork to optimize patient outcomes.

We educate and develop highly impactful interprofessional leaders in healthcare.


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The Dumke College of Health Professions Interprofessional Education Committee works to develop interprofessional leaders prepared to change the healthcare environment by:

•  maintaining a climate of mutual respect

•  encouraging interprofessional collaboration among faculty and students

•  conducting interdisciplinary research

•  enhancing educational outcomes

•  working with the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program at Weber State University

"I came to Weber State as an incredibly lost college sophomore, feeling like I knew I wanted to be in school, but I didn’t feel like any major was a perfect fit for me. The BIS program attracted me because it allowed me to craft my education toward what specifically interested me. I had more room for exploration in my four years than I ever dreamed possible and incredible mentors to help me navigate the process. The BIS program made it, so I didn’t need to squeeze myself into a box. I could pursue all the things that excited me and find a path where I didn’t have to sacrifice any of them in the name of a degree. Having such a basis of passion in my undergraduate studies has made me a strong and unique candidate for employment and graduate schools. Still, more importantly, it has set me up for a joyful and purpose-driven life." - Anya Strauss, BIS graduate




 IPE Student and Faculty Research 
  research conducted and presentations given by DCHP students and faculty



The Impact of Ergoprism Loupes and Through-The-Lens Loupes on Upper Body Muscle Activity in Dental Hygiene Students
Kim Caldwell and Dr. Sachini Kodi

Kim Caldwell, assistant professor of dental hygiene, and Dr. Sachini Kodi, Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sport Science, are collaborating on a student to examine the difference in muscle activity and strain among dental hygiene students who wear Through-The-Lens magnification loupes verses Ergoprism loupes. The study also aims to determine if there is a relationship between perceived stress and muscle activity use and strain in dental hygiene students.

Additional Research




study abroad opportunity

Interprofessional education is a way to break down barriers in healthcare and allow students to learn from others outside of their field. Our Ghana study abroad trip incorporated students from medical laboratory science, nursing, social work, interior design, and construction management. We traveled to the campus of Ghana Make a Difference to help build a new school for their rescued children, upgrade existing structures, screen community members for upcoming surgical medical missions, and check the overall health of the children at GMAD and the surrounding communities. Nursing, social work, and medical laboratory science students worked together to provide medical screenings for hundreds of patients in Accra, Ghana. Practicing medicine outside of the typical comforts that many students are used to makes it much more difficult, and that is where it is important to learn the talents and skills of those working around you so that you can operate at your best as a group. Ghana provided the medium for students of all specialties to understand the skills brought by others and how that can translate to work here in our community.

Learn about the Ghana Study Abroad program.

Video courtesy of Aaron Atkins


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