Tuesday Teaching Tips | June 2, 2020

June 2, 2020


Gail Niklason

Testing Centers at WSU have been a pedagogical tool used by many faculty. Removing testing from the confines of a scheduled class and allowing students to test at their convenience can help reduce the stress and anxiety sometimes associated with testing. Faculty don't have to use their limited class time for testing - everyone wins. Until a pandemic hits and those Testing Centers are no longer accessible to students. The option to test in the classroom is simultaneously taken away. While an incredibly creative work around has been put into place that allows students to test from their homes without incurring proctoring charges, the work around has limited testing capacity. Faculty have been asked to limit secure tests to no more than five (or 3 or fewer in a block course). How can faculty adapt their assessment processes to address these limitations? In this presentation, we will explore several alternatives to secure, summative testing.

Michelle Culumber

Engaging students in group assignments through Google Docs and Google Slides: I will share how I used these both pre and post-pandemic, and will share some examples from my classes. 



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