Faculty Development Course for Inclusive Excellence


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Inclusive Teaching Faculty Development Courses 


Fostering a Culture of Belonging (formerly Inclusive Teaching through Equitable Learning)

Have you ever wondered about the connection between student success and a student's feeling of belonging your classroom?

This asynchronous course offers you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of key DEI concepts and will equip you with actionable practices that can be immediately implemented to help increase a sense of belonging for everyone on campus. Registration open now.

Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environment 

This asynchronous course will enrich you with skill sets to create belonging for every student in your classes from the very first day. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other ACUE scholars to build an intellectual and teaching community in a face-to-face modality. Modules in this credential will present practices for leading a productive first day, promoting a civil learning environment, engaging underprepared students, helping students persist in their studies, embracing diversity in the classroom, providing useful feedback, and checking for student understanding.



Promoting Active Learning Microcredential Course

How can active learning lead to student success and better outcomes?

This asynchronous course will equip you with proven techniques and practices to more actively engage your students in learning and thinking critically. Modules in this credential will present practices for developing effective class sessions and lectures, using groups to ensure active learning, using the active learning cycle, and planning and facilitating effective and engaging discussions. Registration open now.

Promoting Active Learning Online Microcredential Course

Actively engage students in varied learning formats, including small and large group activities, discussions, and microlectures, with evidence-based teaching practices from ACUE’s Promoting Active Learning Online. With more students than ever learning online, this course equips instructors with active learning practices to engage students in all formats, plan and facilitate quality discussions, and use group work to deepen learning.

In a matter of weeks, you can learn and implement practices that elevate your teaching and propel student success. Designed for all types of faculty, the evidence-based teaching practices found within this course can be implemented in an online, hybrid, or classroom learning environment. Registration open now.

Designing Learner-Centered and Equitable Courses

This course fully supports both instructors who are building a course from the ground up as well as those teaching a predesigned course. Modules in this credential will present practices for establishing powerful learning outcomes, aligning assessments, activities, and assignments with course outcomes, developing fair, consistent, and transparent grading practices, developing and using rubrics and checklists, and preparing an effective syllabus. 







Inspiring Inquiry and Preparing Life-Long Learners 

Instructors will implement strategies that motivate students to take greater ownership of their learning, such as guiding students to set attainable goals, ask effective questions, and selfassess their work and process. Students will be better prepared to tackle challenging concepts with well-planned questions, explanations, and visuals and will feel valued as faculty collect and use their feedback to meet learners’ needs. Modules in this credential will include: Motivating Your Students, Using Concept Maps and Other Visualization Tools, Using Advanced Questioning Techniques, Providing Clear Directions and Explanations, Using Student Achievement and Feedback to Improve Your Teaching, and Developing Self-Directed Learners.