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Hemophilia Case Study

The mother of six-month-old Steven cannot stop his bleeding after he hits his mouth on the kitchen floor. Find out what happens to this infant who has a disease that is credited for bringing down the last tsar of Russia.

Module 8: Hemophilia

Steven had just turned 6 months old.   He had recently discovered the freedom of being mobile...

Hemophilia - Page 1

The pediatrician ordered the following tests: platelet count, bleeding time, protime...

Hemophilia - Page 2

The hematologist reviewed Steven's case, and recommended that he be treated with recombinant...

Hemophilia - Page 3

The geneticist interviewed Steven's mother and grandmother. The grandmother indicated...

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Answers to the Case Questions

Hemophilia - Answers

Health Professionals Introduced in Case

Hemophilia - Professionals

Optional Links to Explore Further

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