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Hemophilia - Page 2

The pediatrician ordered the following tests:
platelet count
bleeding time
Protime (PT)
Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT)

  • 8. What conditions might cause an elevated or decreased platelet count?
  • 9. What is a bleeding time?
  • 10. Which pathway is measured with a PT?
  • 11. Which pathway is measured with an APTT?
  • 12. Which health care professional is responsible for the above testing?

Testing Results

Based on the coagulation study results, the pediatrician ordered factor assays on factors VIII, IX, and XI and XII.

  • 13. From the testing results, which factor would you suspect might be abnormally low or missing in this patient?

Factor Assay Results

Based on the coagulation studies, the Pediatrician diagnosed Steven with severe hemophilia A. He referred Steven to a hematologist for further treatment.

Instructors Note:

Review the hemophilia link and the following video. Also review module 8 in the workbook: Genetic Overview and Mechanisms of Inheritance.

  • 14. Why did the physician label Steven's hemophilia as severe?
  • 15. What can be predicted by the degree of severity of the disease?
  • 16. What sex carries the hemophilia gene?
  • 17. What sex can inherit the hemophilia gene?
  • 18. If a woman is a carrier for the hemophilia gene, what percentage of her daughters will also be carriers? What percentage of her sons will have hemophilia?
  • 19. Typically, why do males and not females have hemophilia? Why are females typically only carriers of the disease?
  • 20. If a male has hemophilia, what percentage of his sons will have hemophilia? What percentage of his daughters will be carriers? Why?