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Diabetes Case Study

There has been a 350-fold increase of type 1 diabetes in the past 50 years in Europe and North America. This autoimmune disease usually strikes children and teens. Thirty-five percent of individuals with type 1 diabetes will die of heart disease by the age of 55. Eighty percent will develop retinopathy within 15 years of diagnosis leading to subsequent blindness. Twenty to forty percent will develop kidney disease before the age of 50. In this case we’ll experience the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes with six-year-old Ali.

Module 5: Diabetes

Ali's mother knew there was something not quite right with her daughter lately...

Diabetes - Page 1

In the emergency room, a urine sample was collected for urinalysis and blood was drawn...

Diabetes - Page 2

The laboratory results were consistent with Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) as a result of...

Diabetes - Page 3

A meeting with the dietician was next.  Insulin is given based upon the amount of food that will...

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Answers to Case Questions

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Health Professionals Introduced in Case

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