BIS - Bachelor of Integrated Studies

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) is an interdisciplinary degree that allows you to select three areas or emphases and work out a contract of courses with the departments of your choice. A final capstone project is required, which will bring together the three areas of emphasis.

The BIS Program serves the needs of students who want to individualize or create a unique academic program, students who want to obtain a broad education and students who want to prepare for specific career goals and/or graduate school.

Capstone Project Examples


Service Learning
"Service-learning helps students master important curriculum content by supporting their making meaningful connections between what they are studying and its many applications” (National Service Learning Partnership, 2009).

Academic/Creative Portfolio
A record of academic experiences, achievements and professional development related to educational activities, culminating with completion of the Capstone/Senior Project. It should include documents and other media that demonstrate variety, depth, breadth, and quality of work. 

Undergraduate (Primary) Research
An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student and faculty mentor that results in an original intellectual or creative contribution to a field of study (Council on Undergraduate Research, 2009).

Secondary Research
Reading, examining, studying, summarizing, and integrating research completed by others with the intent of answering an original thesis question or supporting other scholarly or service related work.