Academic Resources and Computing Committee (ARCC)

Dee Grant Deadline for Fall 2017: November 8, 2017 11:59pm

ARCC grant deadline for Spring 2018 : TBA (no fall funding round)




ARCC has two kinds of grants:

  • ARCC grants are Faculty-led initiatives related to the innovative use of technology in educational settings.
  • Dee Family Technology Grants for faculty projects using technology in research or applying technology to pedagogy.

ARCC Funds are allocated through a formal proposal submission process.  Please look over the on-line documentation.  Should you have further questions, please contact your College ARCC representative or the Committee Chair.  If you are doing a project that will utilize Information Technology resources, such as servers to host software, multimedia classrooms or additional data connections, you will need to contact an IT specialist three weeks in advance of the deadline.  This will assist in getting the appropriate funding and written cost estimates for installation from Information Technology and Facilities Management for your project.  Please contact the appropriate Information Technology Specialist listed on the ARCC Proposal form.  Also, see the recommended list of technology for multimedia and image of multimedia room.