Dee Family Technology Grants


Spring 2019 Proposal Submission Deadline: TBA


Proposal Form: Word , PDF

Evaluation Rubric: Scoring Rubric

The Dee Family Technology Grants provide support for faculty projects using technology in research or applying technology to pedagogy.  Funds are distributed based on a competitive proposal process and proposals are reviewed by the Academic Resources and Computing Committee. 


In order to qualify for funding, a successful proposal must fit into one of the following general categories:

1. Projects specifically related to faculty research or scholarly activities.

2. Discipline-specific software to enable a faculty member to enhance an existing course, or to develop a new course. 

3. One-time technical support for the development of special software related to a specific course.

4. Costs associated with one-time faculty training in an area of technology directly applicable to the academic mission of the institution.

5. Requests for specific pieces of hardware are acceptable.  However the hardware should be essential for completion of a project in one of the four categories above.


Given the limited availability of funds, restrictions exist related to the funding of information technology by the Dee Family Technology Grants:

1. Preference will be given to requests not exceeding $10,000.00. However, larger grants will still be considered.

2. Faculty and staff office computers are not funded.  Under certain circumstances, an individual may require a machine that exceeds the campus standard.  In such a case, this may qualify for funding.

3. Equipment or technical support for student or departmental laboratories are not supported.


Follow-up: Recipients will submit a follow-up report for the ARCC committee and the Dee family (one report, not to exceed 3 pages). Reports are due no later than March 1st of the following year.

Suggested format

      Grant amount and topic


      Initial results

      Dissemination possibilities

      Next steps


Past funded projects