Wellness Program

Division Guideline
Wellness Program
10 May 2002
Note: The specifics of wellness programs are to be established at the department level. These guidelines/requirements are established at the division level in an attempt to provide for some level of consistency and fairness across departments of the division. 




Wellness Activities - A variety of methods available to enhance the health and well-being of employees.  Additional activities will be considered appropriate if determined such by the Wellness Office.


A.    Detailed requirements must be established and approved by the head of the department and vice president.

B.    Salaried WSU employees may participate in wellness activities a maximum of three hours a week (not to exceed one hour a day) prorated based on FTE status. To participate, employees must: 

  1. Be a registered and active University Wellness Program participant
  2. Complete a consent/waiver form to be kept on file in department, in case of injury
  3. Keep a record of wellness participation

C.    The specific wellness participation hours and days must be scheduled and approved by the supervisor on a weekly basis. 

  1. Time missed due to work emergencies or other work related conflicts can only be rescheduled during that same week, i.e., missed time cannot be accrued outside the week.
  2. Time missed because of sickness or vacation cannot be rescheduled.
  3. Time can be taken in conjunction with breaks and lunch, but breaks and lunch cannot be combined.
  4. Special scheduling considerations can be made, in unusual circumstances, by supervisors.
  5. Times should be staggered within work groups, to minimize service disruptions to customers due to inadequate staff coverage.

D.    Wellness activities must take place on campus (gym, par course, tennis courts, DEC, stadium, etc.).

E.    If this privilege is abused, supervisors have the discretion to implement the following sanctions: 

  1. 1st time: 3 month suspension of this privilege
  2. 2nd time: 6 month suspension of this privilege
  3. 3rd time: 1 year suspension minimum