Degree/Credential Completion Assistance

Division Guideline 

Degree/Credential Completion Assistance

Creation Date: 
16 November 2010



Career Path - Planned future steps in the progression of an employee's profession or field of work at Weber State University.


A. The Administrative Services Division of Weber State University recognizes the value to Weber State University of employing individuals who have attained college degrees and professional credentials. 


A. Employees should discuss their plans to attain college degrees and/or professional credentials with department leadership before undertaking any actions.  To aid in the discussion and identify potential financial assistance, a College Degree or Professional Credential Planning Form should be completed. 

B. Administrative Services may help employees reach their degree or credential completion goals by providing tuition or other assistance.  This assistance would be in addition to the WSU tuition benefit and may be paid for by the department.  Departments may not spend more than 1% of the department salary budget on this assistance.  Financial assistance may not be used to pay for lodging, transportation, or meals, or anything that can be returned after the completion of course.

C.  Individuals whom will be provided assistance may not receive more than $2,500 per fiscal year.  Before identifying those individuals, department leadership will consider the following:

1.      Departmental needs

2.      Whether the individual’s degree or credential is career path

3.      Whether the individual’s performance merits the assistance

4.      Whether the individual’s length of service to the University merits the assistance 

As with all decisions at WSU that affect employees' rights and students' access to programs and activities, determinations of eligibility for this program should be non-discriminatory and consistent with the university's commitment to affirmative action.  See PPMs 3-32 and 6-22.

D.  Tuition benefits will be taxed for employees in accordance with IRC Section 127, 132, and 117, as applicable. 

E. Employees who are being provided financial assistance will be required to sign an Agreement before they receive the assistance.  This Agreement will detail reimbursement requirements if the employee does not satisfactorily complete a course/credential and/or leaves the University within three (3) years after receiving the assistance.