WSU Offers Discount on Smart Thermostats, Free LED Light Bulbs

OGDEN, Utah – Weber State University’s Empower Northern Utah program is helping Weber and Davis County residents to be more energy efficient by offering steep discounts on Nest E smart thermostats while also providing free LED light bulbs in exchange for old inefficient bulbs.

The sustainability team at WSU, in collaboration with Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR), Ogden City, Home Energy Assistance Target Program (HEAT), Utah Clean Energy and others, is able to offer the Nest Thermostat E for under $60, a savings of approximately $110, and to provide thousands of new LED light bulbs for exchange. Additionally, the HEAT program is helping Empower Northern Utah provide LED bulbs and smart thermostats to low-income households at no cost.

The program is offering 2,000 free LED bulbs split among exchange events, Sept. 25, Oct. 2 and Oct. 9 at the Weber County Main Library (2464 Jefferson Ave. Ogden). Residents can bring up to 10 used incandescent and/or CFL bulbs to exchange for new, energy efficient LED bulbs. All the LED bulbs are 2700k, and are either 8- or 9-watt bulbs (both are equivalent to 60-watt incandescent bulbs), and fit into standard household light sockets and floor/table lamps. Supplies will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The program also has 200 Nest E smart thermostats available for purchase. Register to purchase a thermostat at while supplies last. Successful registrants will receive a link to schedule a time for pick up on Oct. 9 at the Weber County Main Library. Those interested in purchasing a thermostat are encouraged to make sure their home’s heating and cooling systems are compatible with the Nest E before registering.

“We want to help residents take action to reduce pollution and help the environment on a community-wide scale,” said Bonnie Christiansen, WSU academic sustainability coordinator. “These upgrades can help protect our environment, while cutting utility costs for residents.”

Unlike conventional thermostats, smart thermostats such as the Nest Thermostat E make it easy to save energy on heating and cooling costs. Using a Nest Thermostat E has been shown to cut heating bills by 10%-12% and cooling bills up to 15%. This translates to an average utility bill savings of $131-$145 per year. Additionally, LED light bulbs use approximately 85% less energy than traditional bulbs and 40% less than compact fluorescent light bulbs, saving residents an average of $55 a year on energy costs.

The Empower Northern Utah program is the latest step in Weber State’s efforts to bring sustainability programs to low-income and underserved populations in the community. Previous programs have included Susie Hulet Community Solar, Drive Electric, and Mow Electric. These programs have collectively served more than 2,000 households and community members over the last six years.

This year's Empower Northern Utah is made possible through grant funding from UCAIR, as well as lightbulb donations from Utah Clean Energy.

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Bonnie Christiansen, academic sustainability coordinator


Sadie Braddock, sustainability community programs coordinator