New director plans to take Community Education Center to greater heights

OGDEN, Utah — Weber State University’s new director of the Community Education Center knows exactly what kind of impact continued education can have on families.

“My mother was illiterate for half her life and learned the alphabet as an adult,” said Yesenia Quintana. “The impact that community education had on her, and through extension the rest of our family, was transformational.”

Quintana, a Weber State alum and experienced staff member, recently started in her role as the CEC director and said she can’t wait to showcase its programs to the larger community.

“We want to increase access to resources and experiences, while also strengthening the fabric of our community, creating a ripple effect of connections and opportunities,” she said.Yesenia Quintana smiles for a photo in front of Weber State's Community Education Center.

Located in central Ogden, the CEC is a gateway to Weber State, offering ESL classes, career development programs and more. Most of the staff is bilingual to help fulfill the center’s mission of furthering the education of Ogden and Weber County’s Spanish-speaking population.

Quintana envisions the CEC as a welcoming place for Spanish speakers to embark on their college and career preparation journeys, regardless of their chosen paths. 

“Whether they enroll in our ESL courses, explore workforce training through Career and Technical Education programs, or ultimately pursue a four-year degree, I want the CEC to be a place where they can feel a sense of belonging and find their footing at Weber State,” she said. 

Quintana said talking to and learning from residents in the community is a crucial part of her role, and she will prioritize consistent communication. 

“Our success hinges on our ability to foster ongoing dialogue, to be receptive to feedback and adapt our programming in a way that resonates with the community,” she said.  

After more than a decade at WSU, Quintana has worked on initiatives that serve families and children from infancy to college age. Her experience in community research, educational program design and evaluation has given Quintana a unique perspective on effective programming, she said.

“This experience has solidified my passion for creating sustainable, evidence-based programs for members of our community,” she said. 

She also aims to develop experiential opportunities for WSU faculty and students. Those interested in partnering with the CEC should contact Quintana at 801-626-7911.

The CEC is located at 2605 Monroe Blvd. and is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. More information is available on the CEC website


Tereena Marcano, Marketing & Communications


Bryan Magaña, public relations director