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This privacy notice describes the handling of your personal information that is governed by Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) of the People’s Republic of China (“China”).

If you interact with us, view our websites, enroll in our school, or become our employee, you may provide us with your personal information. By doing so, you trust us to handle your personal information. We cannot guarantee that others may not misuse your personal information. But we take your trust seriously and work to respect your privacy rights. This privacy notice describes:

  • How we define the terms in this privacy notice?
  • When this privacy notice applies?
  • When you are under 14, what we do?
  • What categories of personal information we may collect?
  • For what purposes we may handle your personal information?
  • Under what circumstance we may handle your personal information?
  • What methods we may use to collect your personal information?
  • How long we can retain your personal information?
  • How you can exercise your privacy rights?
  • How you can contact us?


本隐私声明描述了受中华人民共和国(“中国”)个人信息保护法 管辖的您的个人信息的处理


  • 我们如何定义本隐私声明中的术语?
  • 本隐私声明何时适用?
  • 当您未满 14岁时,我们做什么?
  • 我们可能收集哪些类别的个人信息?
  • 我们可能出于什么目的处理您的个人信息?
  • 在什么情况下我们可能会处理您的个人信息?
  • 我们可能使用哪些方法收集您的个人信息?
  • 我们可以保留您的个人信息多长时间?
  • 您如何行使您的隐私权?
  • 您如何联系我们?