Davis Group Study Rooms

Until Further Notice:

The Small group study rooms are restricted to only 2 occupants per session and Large group study rooms are restricted to 5 or less per session.

Davis campus has a number of group study rooms available for student use to collaborate and create together.

Reservations can be made for the current week, with a limitation of 2 hours per day for each group. Individuals can use the study rooms, but must yield to groups needing the rooms.

Large group study rooms:

  • D3 104; for groups up to 5
  • D3 109; for groups up to 5

Small group study rooms: Groups of 2

  • D2 115 & 116; D3 105, 106, 107 & 108

Groups can reserve a study room below. To do so, please ensure that you are using the Chrome browser on your Device, PC or Mac and are logged into your Weber State University student account. This will ensure reservations are made by students and correct calendar entries are created for your reservations.

Additionally, there are non-reservation study rooms in D2 on the second floor just inside the WSU Davis Library entrance. There are also study spaces on all three floors of D2 and D3 available for students to use. They are located at the east and west ends of each building as well as in the lobbies. Finally, in D3 there are study spaces on the second and third floors near the center staircase and elevator.