Repeated Courses

  • Weber State repeated courses will be automatically flagged as part of the grading process at the end of each term. Transfer repeats are not automatically flagged by the system.  If you see a course that you have repeated at Weber State and it is not being excluded from your transfer work, please contact the Records Office.
  • Each course (unless specifically listed as repeatable for credit in the course description) may be used only once in cumulative hours and GPA.
  • A course will appear on the transcript each time it is completed, but it will be counted only once in total hours and only the most recent letter WSU grade received will be used to calculate the GPA (CR is not considered a letter grade and will not cause a previous grade to be discounted).
  • Once a bachelor's degree has been posted to a student's permanent record, courses used for that degree may not be repeated to improve the GPA.