Archived Transcripts

Important Note for Students Who Attended Prior to 1983

In 1983, Weber State University began transitioning to an electronic-based record keeping system. If you attended prior to or graduated in 1983, Weber State University has your records, but they may not yet be electronic.   In this case, we will need to transition your record out of the archives into our current electronic database.  If you have not already requested a transcript recently, this transition may take 7 to 10 business days to be processed.

If you attended Weber State University prior to 1983, you can request your Official Transcript in person,  or by mailing us a completed Official Transcript Request Form.   This form can also be completed and sent to our office as an email attachment.  Your original signature is required for any transcript request.   Please note that any Weber State student who attended prior to the Summer of 2010 is entitled to a total of four free transcripts*.  Using the Official Transcript Request Form is required if you would like to order one of the four free transcripts that you are entitled to.

You can also order online by clicking HERE, but there will be a charge for any transcripts ordered through this method.  

*Please remember that transcripts are $7.50 each after the first four transcripts.