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Northern Utah Health Education Center (NUAHEC) 


Are you a Junior or Senior high school student who is interested in a healthcare career?

NUAHEC offers affordable concurrent enrollment classes for students in Northern Utah that places them on the path to prosper in the healthcare field.



  • An entryway into the healthcare field!
  • You'll experience hands-on opportunities and lectures that introduce you to the vast and diverse careers in healthcare.
  • An early introduction to your college experience and health professional education.
  • Explore what Weber State University (WSU) has to offer, and understand when and how to use valuable campus resources.


In the NUAHEC program, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Network with academic peers and professionals
  • Earn professional healthcare mentorship
  • Learn basic medical skills such as suturing and taking blood pressure
  • Discover the basics of healthcare economics and healthcare culture 
  • Experience laboratory skills at WSU state-of-the-art facilities
  • Contribute to community care service projects

Students in the NUAHEC program gain college credit and experience, at concurrent enrollment costs! This averages at roughly $5 per credit hour. 

Students receive benefits of being a Weber State University (WSU) Wildcat! Including: tutoring, gym access, library access, student support services, and MORE!

These opportunities set our students up for a successful college career, as they embark on the structure of an early college education.



if you are interested in the NUAHEC program or still have questions, let us know  

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