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Aant Esmaeil 

Architectural Associate, University of Utah School of Architecture

Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. | The development of the Design+Build Salt Lake Kunga ADU

Aant is originally of Circassian descent from the Caucasus Mountains. After the Russo-Circassian War, native Circassians who lived there for centuries were forced to leave and migrate south to find a new home in the Middle East. Aant’s great-grandfather settled in Syria where Aant was born 140 years later. Aant received his Bachelor of Architectural Engineering in Damascus, in 2011, then moved to Saudi Arabia where he worked as a designer for a few years. In 2015, he followed his wife to the US, and now they both work and live in Salt Lake City with their two kids. Aant graduated from the grad program at the University of Utah in 2020 and has been working as an architectural associate for the past 7 years.