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Speaker and Presenter Proposals


Help shape the 2022 Intermountain Sustainability Summit! Submit a speaker or artistic (visual or performance) proposal by Wednesday, October 20.  
An energetic gathering, the Summit attracts leading contributors from business, government, non-profit, and academic sectors which are shaping sustainability efforts across Utah and the Intermountain West. The Summit fosters collaboration among sustainability professionals, innovators and emerging leaders exploring leading-edge, achievable solutions, as well as ways to improve and take joy in our work. The Summit is a place where professionals join with peers to learn, teach, and deepen networks. 
The 2022 Summit theme ‘Reshaping Our Future’, invites us to look beyond business-as-usual models and mindsets, as we move courageously forward to create a sustainable future for ourselves and succeeding generations. 

Grounded in growing sustainability successes, yet mindful of the challenges ahead, we are seeking proposals ranging from practical no-nonsense solutions to previously unimagined possibilities. As solutions can come in a wide range, we welcome diverse topics, which may include clean energy, water, air, land, transportation, policy, recycling, buildings, and other topics. Additionally, we are seeking proposals exploring ways to effectively work together; from how to empower our communities and co-workers, to keeping ourselves healthy and sustainably engaged. Topics may include, community engagement, social and environmental justice, self-care, effective communication, mindfulness, and professional development, among other subjects that support and advance sustainability in the region. 
Speakers and artists may apply to present on either Thursday, March 17 (the main Summit day), or on Friday, March 18 (for half or full day affiliated workshops). Presenters will receive a free registration for the main Summit day, Thursday, March 17.  

As we recognize the pandemic has made it necessary to adapt to changing conditions, we are exploring options for the Summit. It may be in person, a hybrid event, or a virtual event. Presenters will be asked about preferred options, and be updated as to the format as information becomes available. 
Submit your proposal by Wednesday, October 20. Submission questions can be found here to help you prepare, before filling out the submission form.

Join Us!

Our presenters make The Intermountain Sustainability Summit the go-to place to share, learn, and regenerate each year. Come share bold ideas and a sense of common purpose as we work to address our collective challenges and foster greater sustainability in our communities and the world. Thank you for your interest.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Bonnie at or at 801-626-6326.  


Session Types 

Presentations come in several formats: speaking sessions, networking sessions, and workshops. 

  • Speaker sessions: 30 and 50 minutes
  • Networking sessions, catered to small group formats: 30 to 50 minutes   
  • Workshops: Half to Full day
  • Artists/Performers – Give us a proposal, we will work with you.     

Speakers/presenters may host more than one session type.   

Participant Engagement

Along with more traditional presentations, we are encouraging proposals that include innovative formats, engaging attendees on multiple levels, including direct interactions with fellow participants, hands-on activities, shared experiences, and more.

The addition of artistic or outside-of-the-box elements are also welcome.  

The Summit is a dynamic and interactive event. We encourage presenters to engage their participants, beyond Q & A.

If you have questions, contact Bonnie at or 801-626-6326.