Helicopter flies over WSU's campus on a winter day.

Military Outreach

WSU’s military outreach team is ready to provide education and training that meet the needs of corporate, defense and aerospace industry partners. See our current offerings here:


For Your Employees/ Service Members

Your team can take part in flexible education that works around work schedules.

We place broad curriculum — such as finances, supply chain logistics and personnel management — in a defense industry or aerospace context.

Your employees will gain knowledge that can lead to advancement and more career stability.

For Your Organization

Develop a workforce trained with the specific knowledge needed for your sector.

Benefit from proven, tailored education that takes your organizations’ needs and your needs into account.

Connect with WSU representatives who are here to listen and understand.

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith
MBA Graduate, Hill Air Force Base supervisor

“Every class that I took, I was able to take one or two things from it and then synthesize them and make them applicable to something that I’m doing today.”

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