Dr. Beth Rhoades

Executive Director of Programs

Portrait of Beth RhoadesDr. Beth Rhoades is responsible for providing strategic leadership, direction and vision for Weber State University credit and non-credit programs at a distance and on-site. 

Dr. Rhoades oversees the Division of Online & Continuing Education’s programs team, which focuses on upskilling and reskilling individuals for the next level position, and offers true growth for their future. She is passionate about meeting the needs of nontraditional students and developing sustainable budgets to provide the highest quality educational opportunities for the least amount of money.

Dr. Rhoades has a proven track record of success, including cofounding the Rosie Project, a network for military spouses to gain education that can lead to Department of Defense positions. She has also envisioned and strategized online campus expansion and developed a training program for staff and faculty on digital badge and alternative credentials. She has built and executed a three-year strategy for continuing education programs in OSHA and NIOSH units, conducted research regarding faculty perceptions of digital badge training, and coordinated budget appropriations of $8.1 million. Dr. Rhoades has also been awarded five grant programs for training and development of underserved populations, and has staffed and supervised 23 people over five teams.

While balancing industry changes with educational delivery, Dr. Rhoades continues to find promise in nontraditional education. She loves finding innovative opportunities to change lives with innovative education that meets the demands of the fourth industrial revolution. 

Dr. Rhoades earned a doctoral degree while juggling home responsibilities as a working parent. This experience has helped her empathize with adult learners and motivates her to help others pursue their educational dreams. When she’s not busy changing lives through education, Dr. Rhoades enjoys stand-up paddle boarding, skiing, hiking and eating anything with strawberries. She also practices daily meditation and grounding to bring her peace.