Teaching and Learning Forum


The Teaching & Learning Forum was created by a group of faculty in 1992. The Forum offers retreats, book groups, workshops, collaborative projects, and other initiatives in support of faculty development. Activities are directed by the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (TLA) Committee , a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, and the appointed coordinator who also serves as chair of the TLA Committee. Forum offices are located in Room 57 of the South lower level of the Stewart Library. The office is staffed year round. Please visit our library of books and materials on teaching and learning, including updated versions of MLA, APA and AMA manuals for publication and editing.


On the horizon:

Sign up now for Spring 2015 GIFTS Brown Bag Series HERE!
You may now sign up for Spring 2015 Book Groups!  Check out our book list or sign up HERE

Be sure to fill out the survey for the Adjunct Faculty Retreat HERE!

The Teaching and Learning Forum now has poster tubes available for check-out. Contact us today to reserve a poster tube for your next conference (tlforum@weber.edu).

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