The Teaching & Learning Forum was created by a group of faculty in 1992. The Forum offers retreats, book groups, workshops, collaborative projects, and other initiatives in support of faculty development. Activities are directed by the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (TLA) Committee , a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, and the appointed coordinator who also serves as chair of the TLA Committee. Forum offices are located in Room 324 of the  Stewart Library. The office is staffed year round. Please visit our library of books and materials on teaching and learning, including updated versions of MLA, APA and AMA manuals for publication and editing.


Promoting Student Success: From Vision to Reality

Please join us for our last Promoting Student Success campus-wide discussion May 3rd from 12:30 - 4:00 p.m. in the SU Ballrooms.

Canvas and Chi Tester Training

Hit the new year running with everything you need to know about Canvas and Chi Tester. Take advantage of the following training opportunities prior to the beginning of Spring Semester.  Contact WSU Online for questions and more information.  Happy New Year!

Going Digital

Starting on May 1, you will no longer need to walk to a newsstand to get your copy of the NYT.  It will be available to you in a digital format from you computer or other mobile device.  The information and resources available from the NYT archives will help you create curriculum that is both recent and relevant for your students today.

Calendar of Events

Check out what is going on at the Teaching and Learning Forum. 


Other Opportunities

Want to learn all about experiential learning?  Now is your chance.  

The Experiential Learning Leadership Insitute is an organization dedicated to educating leaders in higher education, K-12, and non-profit organizations on experiential and project-based learning.

It is hosted by the School of Integrative and Engaged Learning at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah. 

This year's conference theme is:

Fostering Better Education and Better Communities with Experiential Education

Please find the link to the annual Experiential Learning and Leadership Institute (ELLI) conference that will take place June 26 through the 29th in Park City, Utah:

Visit the website to learn about all the events and activities that will take place at the conference.

Please note that an opportunity to take 2 of the 6 workshops to get nationally certified in Experiential Education through the National Society for Experiential Education is available on June 26th, and the regular portion of the conference will take place on June 27th through June 29th.  Check out the conference website for more information.

ISETL 2017

International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning

Conference Information
Call for Proposals

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge and expertise in any number of areas, we want to make you aware of edX, a nonprofit, open source MOOC provider.   Edx has courses in computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, writing, electronics, biology, or marketing, and the like. If you are interested, please click the link below.