Student Resources

Free Math Help in the Hub

Instead of listening to lectures while frantically copying down notes from a whiteboard, TERM students get individualized assistance from tutors and instructors as they watch short instructional videos, read the e-text, work on homework exercises, or prepare for tests.

Individual Tutoring Appointments

Thirty minute personal tutoring appointments are available. Contact a tutor in the Hub or the tutor supervisor at either the Ogden or Davis Campus for an appointment. For more information visit the Tutoring Website.

Faculty Consultations

Students who are having difficulty mastering the material should schedule a consultation with their instructor.

Advisor & Learning Strategist

The Developmental Mathematics advisor has an office in the Lampros Hall Hub. He is available to advise students on registration issues and course requirements, as well as coach students in developing better learning strategies for math success. The advisor will offer workshops on topics such as math test-taking strategies.

Study Partners

One of the best ways to learn math is to study it with a friend or classmate. Schedule time to meet together in the hub and work together to teach and learn from each other.

Can I see that again?

Do you need to see a math concept presented differently than how you’ve seen it so far?  Search the concept on these websites for more video and written explanations.

Helpful Math Sites

      And when you need a mental break, check out Vi Hart’s Math Doodling

Additional Resources