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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! If you can't find the information you need on our website, I am happy to answer your questions. I am also available to offer guidance whenever you need it, so please just come on in or contact me to make an appointment.

You may also find these additional resources helpful.

Am I ready for the class that I have been placed in?

The following Placement Self-Assessments can help you determine if you have been placed in the right level of math for your current math knowledge. You can also use these self-assessments to review prior to taking the Math Mastery Exam. If your official placement is lower than your self-assessment indicates, you can challenge your placement by taking the Math Mastery Exam

How do I add a Developmental Class to my schedule?

To add a class, students must meet the prerequisite requirement. How you add a class to your schedule also depends upon when you are trying to do so. Please see this step-by-step guide on how to add a Dev Math Class to your schedule If you are unsure which math class is best for you, please click here to get started.

What classes do I take to prepare for college mathematics?

The developmental math classes you should take depend on which quantitative literacy (QL) requirement you will need for graduation. This graphic shows the two tracks you can choose from.

I did not pass my TERM quiz and/or test, now what?

  • If you don’t pass a quiz for the first attempt
    • Make sure you completed your homework with 95% to 100%, your notebook is up-to-date, and have your scratch paper from your quiz/test with you.
    • Follow the instructions in this power point to review your quiz and to find problems similar to the ones you’ve missed. 
    • Do the retake homework.
    • Go to the study plan and practice problems that are similar to the one you missed. 
    • Take the quiz
  • If you don’t pass it on the second attempt
    • Review your quiz with your professor or another professor or a tutor in the hub.
    • Do similar problems on study plan
    • Take the quiz
  • If you don’t pass it the third attempt
    • You need to meet with your instructor to get help as well as to get additional attempt on the quiz/test.
    • Again, make sure you completed your homework with 95% to 100%, your notebook is up-to-date, and have your scratch paper from your quiz/test with you.
  • How to reach your instructor:
    • At his/her office (for full time faculty)
    • Email and allow 24 hours for a response, not including weekends.
    • If all attempts to reach your instructor fail, see Tes Yadete, the department advisor in LP 104.

    Pre-requisite math courses expire. (Grade received must be a C or better)

    The semester I am registering for math:

    My pre-requisite course can be no older than:

    Fall 2015 Spring 2013
    Spring 2016 Fall 2014
    Summer 2016 Spring 2014
    Fall 2016 Spring 2014
    Spring 2017 Fall 2015
    Summer 2017 Spring 2015
    Fall 2017 Spring 2015
    Spring 2018 Fall 2016
    Summer 2018 Spring 2016
    Fall 2018 Spring 2016



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