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Changes in Developmental Mathematics
Course Fees


Effective Summer 2014, fees for developmental courses are changing. This is an explanation of the new fees for developmental mathematics.
The new course fee for developmental math courses consists of 2 parts:
1. Math Course Fee: $102. This fee pays for access to the MyMathLab (MML) software, computer lab access, and technical support for the course. This fee replaces the need to purchase a textbook in TERM, Online, and Flipped courses. Students in the Pathway course will use MML and will need to purchase a workbook from the bookstore, as well.

2. Math Learning Support Fee: $19 per credit hour. Students who need to take developmental courses are no longer charged a $50 developmental fee each semester. Instead, students who are registered in developmental courses will pay this fee which pays for tutoring and proctoring that support developmental math courses.
Also, you will notice a Student Support Fee on your statement. This is charged to every student each semester and pays for student records, ID cards and academic support for courses outside of developmental mathematics. To find out more about accessing this academic support click here:


Frequent Concerns

When does my pre-requisite math course expire?

(Grade in pre-requisite class must be a C or better)

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