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Annual submission of data that is printed in multiple publications such as College BoardPeterson's College Guide, and U.S. News and World Report.


This report displays demographic, FTE and SCH data for a five-year time span for each of the three semesters. This data is collected from the fall and spring third week files as well as the summer end of term file. This report requires a valid WSU faculty or staff login credentials.


Highlights of the Institutional Profile for a given academic year dating back to 1995. Demographic head counts are taken from the fall third week files. 


Data regarding total enrollment, student demographics, SCH and degrees awarded. Demographic head counts are collected from the fall and spring third week files as well as the summer end of term file.


Provides SCH and FTE totals for three-year time span in order to monitor enrollment. The data for this report is collected Friday evenings at 5:00 p.m.


This analysis compares common rates by whether or not a student participated in concurrent enrollment courses before being classified as a first time freshmen. The goal of this analysis is to determine if concurrent students perform better than those that were not.


This analysis compares how students' ACT scores and first-term WSU GPAs relate to graduation success. This display is not intended for casual observation, rather, it is intended to facilitate in-depth discussions regarding student success.


Utilizes graduation data provided from the USOE to provide reports on how many of the graduating high school students attend Weber State.

Provides a five year comparison of those enrolled with a Perkins based CIP code as well as those graduating with a Perkins based CIP. For the CIP Code Trends tab, counts are based upon annualized, distinct headcount.


Analyzes the average number of semesters and hours attended and earned for graduation for a given graduation year. Can display for a particular degree received or for multiple degree groups.


Dashboards specifically designed for weekly Admissions reporting needs. Requires special, restricted authentication that is currently limited to Admissions and the Provost Office.


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