Master of Education


Dr Peggy Saunders
801 626-7673


Lynda Goucher
801 626-6278

1306 University Circle
Ogden, Utah 84408-1306

Program Philosophy:

The Master of Education (MED) degree program at Weber State University is practice-oriented with the primary focus of enhancing knowledge, skills, and attitudes of educators. In support of the conceptual framework and the model exemplifying the framework (TREC), the goals of the curriculum reflect an emphasis on preparing master teachers:

• who are reflective of their own practices and their impact on students.

• who engage students through a variety of strategies to ensure growth in knowledge and learning     processes that they might become independent lifetime learners.

• who collaborate with peers and students in learning communities.

• who are knowledgeable and current in their chosen areas.

• who engage in research to improve educational practices and those of peers.

In cooperation with the university, the program provides avenues for continuing professional development and continual learning for university faculty as well as students, and encourages the university values of teaching, scholarship, and service.

Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah 84408

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