Donation Request

Wildcat Store values the efforts of the various groups and organizations within the Weber State University community. Please be aware that we attempt to fulfill as many request as possible. Due to the large volume of request we cannot approve or fulfill every request. The guidelines listed below will be used with all request to insure consistent and fair disbursement of limited  funds. Please submit  your request in timely manner to insure that your request can be considered.


Donations for monetary support. Donations intended for resale. Donations to benefit specific individuals or families. Donations to labor, social or political groups. Must we willing to include any Wildcat Store promotional material with all donations. Wildcat Store Marketing must be approved before publishing both in print or electronic by Wildcat Stores Marketing Department.  

Request Guidelines:

Written requests will be reviewed every Thursday of each month. Allow four weeks for your request. Request must be submitted via this site. Verbal request will not be considered. All request must include the following: 

Name of organization requesting donation:


Relationship of the organization to Weber State University:

Event activity details (what,who, where and why)

Primary contact person:

Phone number: (##########) no dashes



Secondary contact person:

Phone number: (##########) no dashes



How will you will recognize Wildcat Store during event?

Selection of the following donation options:

   Up to $40 Gift Card that can be used at Wildcat Store
   Up to $40 of preselected WSU merchandise
   Matching contributions up to $100
   Coupon or discount on select merchandise