Applying to WSU

Applicants who cannot provide proof of legal residency in the United States apply to Weber State University in a very similar way as a Utah resident would.

Steps to Apply to WSU:

  1. Submit an application for admission online.
  2. Select "New Freshman".
  3. You will need to create a profile first.
  4. Then you will fill out the application. Undocumented/DACA students will select "Other" under citizenship status.
  5. Your acceptance letter will be mailed to you and it will contain a W# and your International PIN.
  6. Contact Undocumented & Refugee Student Resources at 801-626-6490 for more information.

Other Resources

  • Community Education Center (Under-Represented Members): 801-626-7911.
  • College of Access and First Year Transition (High School students): 801-626-7330.

After You Have Been Admitted

  1. Please fill out the online Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Affidavit (In-state tuition eligibility requirements can be found there as well).
  2. The link with direct you to the form located on the HB 144 page, scroll to the bottom.
  3. Click on the button and you will be directed to the form which will populate with the information provided by the applicant during the admission process.
  4. Digital sign your name and submit.
  5. Once submitted, please mail, fax, or hand-deliver an official (sealed and unopened) copy of your high school transcript showing your graduation date to the WSU Admissions Office.

Concurrent Enrollment

  • Undocumented and DACA High school students interested in receiving college credit will apply to Weber State University following the same steps listed above. (HB 144 not needed while still in High School)
  • For concurrent enrollment students who are undocumented and have graduated high school, in order to get in-state tuition you must hand-deliver or send in your transcript to the Admissions Office that shows your graduation date. You must also fill out and submit a non-resident tuition exemption affidavit. Please be aware that the tuition waiver/affidavit will not reflect on your bill until one week before school starts. If you have questions or concerns, please call the Admissions Office at 801-626-6050.