In This Issue: The Great Resignation Equals Great Opportunities

Dear Community Member,

It’s been called “the great resignation,” a mass of employees quitting their jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. First coined by Texas A&M professor Anthony Klotz, the phenomenon is just one more wrench thrown in the workforce thanks to coronavirus.

Whether it’s businesses figuring out how to hold onto their workers or employees looking for a better fit, the current situation brings challenges and opportunities aplenty. This Spark issue is dedicated to examining that trend.

In this issue, we’ll speak to some campus experts about why the uptick in quitting might be occurring, and how workers and employers can react.

We’ll also share how our Military Outreach team worked with campus partners to provide Hill Air Force Base with valuable computer programming training. Maybe that will spark a few training ideas for you as well! 

Finally, we’ll tell you about a new opportunity for teachers who left the classroom for a bit. 

If you’re finding new meaning in the job you have, hoping to create more expertise and meaning for your employees, or searching for that meaning somewhere else, we hope to help you along the way.  Thank you for reading!

Very sincerely,

Beth Rhoades
WSU Professional Development Director