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Archaeological Field Techniques

Program Details

Southeastern Utah was the homeland of a group of Ancestral Puebloan Native Americans from roughly A.D. 400-1400. The archaeological site we will be working on is unique and provides the students with a special opportunity to work on one of the largest habitation centers in the area. Instructors will be helping students by offering advice, guidance, and correcting techniques.


  • ANTH 2030


  • Southern Utah

Program Dates:

July 5- July 31, 2021


Cost: $1999

Suggested Payment Schedule:
Deposit: $200
April 28, 2020: $360
May 12, 2020: $360
May 26, 2020: $360
June 8, 2020: $360
June 22, 2020: $359
Must be paid in full by July 5, 2021

Deposit: $200 dollars will need to be paid when you hand in your application.

Payments can now be made online! Visit this website for instructions on how to pay your deposit online and future payments. Charges should show on your account within 48 hours after registration. Note that you will be charged credit card assessment fees if you use a card in person, over the phone, or online. You will not be charged these fees if paying by cash, check, or ACH bank transfer online.


Must attend all pre-departure meetings


Academic Courses

Students who participate in this study abroad program will be able to register for up to six (6) semester credits through Weber State University in

ANTH 3300

Program Directors

Dr. David Yoder will be leading the course and providing all instruction. He has 18 years of archaeological experience, having excavated over 40 archaeological sites throughout the region and directed the survey of thousands of acres on federal and state lands. he served as the archaeologist in the Utah Governor's office for eight years and has been teaching at academic institutions for over a decade.

Trip Cancellations

If Weber State cancels a trip for any reason, all participants will be refunded 100% of funds paid to the school. If a participant withdraws from the program for any reason, they are subject to the refund policy found on the first page of the application.  Deposits are always non-refundable, unless the program is canceled by Weber State.  No refunds will be issued 30 days prior to program start date. 

Refunds will NOT be given to students due to COVID-19 concerns. Before programs were canceled last year, every student was given the option to withdraw from programs without penalty due to COVID-19. This year students are applying, cognizant of the pandemic. Weber State will not intentionally place students into high risk situations. We will work together with Program Leaders and Departments on canceling should the destination demonstrate increased risks, be they from COVID or any other concern. As such, students must abide by the standard refund policy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Study Abroad Office at (801) 626-8711.