Short Term Study Abroad Application - QUALTRICS SURVEY

Exchange Application - QUALTRICS SURVEY



  1. If you are doing a short-term faculty led trip in the Summer or Spring Break, please choose the Short Term Study Abroad Application. If you are looking to do a semester long/academic year exchange or summer school exchange (Kedge Summer, Bremen Summer, Kansai Summer, Konan Summer, etc.) please fill out the Exchange Application.
    1. Not sure which one you're doing? Contact us!
  2. Once the application is completed and turned in, wait 24 business hours for us to process your application.
  3. After the 24 hours is up AND the website says your program is ready to register for, please call CE Enrollment at 801-626-6600 to register for the trip. They will enroll you in the credits you want to take (if any) and will subsequently put the charge for the trip on your account.
    1. If you are an exchange student, including summer schools, contact along with the trip leader to verify how many credits you will be taking abroad and the Study Abroad Office will register you instead. DO NOT CONTACT CE ENROLLMENT IF YOU ARE AN EXCHANGE STUDENT.
  4. Pay your deposit. Payments can now be made online! Please visit THIS WEBSITE to learn how to pay for your trip online. Please use this method each time you want to pay online to ensure the payments apply directly to your trip.
  5. Done! Make sure your trip is paid for in full before you leave!


All program payment requirements, including deposit amounts, due dates, and total costs, can be found in the Programs tab above. Program deposits are non-refundable. By paying the program deposit the student guarantees participation in the program and is obligated to pay the complete program cost by the required deadline or arrange a payment plan with Study Abroad. Withdrawal from the program does NOT release participants from payment requirements. Standard penalties due to Withdrawal are as follows:
  • 120 Days prior to the program start date: participant is responsible for no less than 25% of the total program cost.
  • 90 Days prior to the program start date: participant is responsible for no less than 50% of the total program cost.
  • 60 Days prior to the program start date: participants may be responsible for the full amount of the program. Refund amounts will be determined after the program concludes and the overall trip budget has been reviewed through the Trip Reallocation process conducted with the Trip Leader and the Director of Study Abroad. Until the Reallocation process is concluded, the full amount of the program will remain on the student’s account.
Please note that the reason for the “no less than” language in regard to refunds is due to potential financial commitments. When program accommodations are booked, there are times when non-refundable bookings are made that exceed 25%, 50%, up to 100% of the total program cost. If you choose to contest the refund amount, please contact the Study Abroad Director within 2 weeks after the program has returned.
**NOTE** Weber State University is committed to student safety. If you feel that a program is unsafe due to any reason, please discuss this with the Study Abroad Director. If you choose to withdraw from a program then the standard refund policy, listed above, goes into effect. If the University cancels a program then each participant will receive 100% refund of funds paid by the student for the program. This refund does not include personal purchases outside of the billed/paid trip amount.
You will be responsible for seeking refunds for any services or items that are not included in the program fee. This includes, but is not limited to, flights and any expenses for independent travel. Most program fees do not include flights and thus, you would not be eligible for a refund from the University for the cost of your flight if your program is canceled. To avoid airline penalties, we recommend that you purchase trip insurance or that you purchase a refundable ticket.