Spiritual Wellness

spiritual wellnessSpiritual Wellness involves the values and beliefs that give us a sense of purpose in life. Different people may define spirituality in different ways – and that’s okay! A spiritually well person has a sense of purpose and meaning, feels at peace with their actions and interactions and balances their inner needs with the needs of the world around them. However one chooses to define it, whether religious or secular, spiritual wellness provides each individual with the inner capacity to cope with life’s challenges and ultimately overcome them.

WSU Resources          

Relaxation/Meditation Group
The Relaxation/Meditation Group helps participants deeply relax as they take part in a 45-minute guided relaxation/meditation using a variety of techniques.

Clubs and Organizations  
There are clubs and organizations for students to get involved, don’t find one you like? Start a one of your own! There are many religious and philosophical clubs.
Newman Catholic Student Center
The Catholic Student Center is available to support your spiritual growth and exploration through providing a place to make new friends, enrich your faith, study and relax.

Ogden Institute of Religion
Founded by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the institute is to open to all young adults. See website for classes, services and activities.         

Yoga classes
Aimed at relaxation and connecting mind and body.

Cultural Affairs
Each season Weber State Cultural Affairs features public performances and educational residencies of artistic excellence in a diverse range of disciplines.

Performing Arts       
The Performing Arts Department puts on events throughout the school year that include dance, music, and theater. Many performances are free or discounted for students.


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