Emotional Wellness

emotional wellnessEmotional Wellness is the ability to identify, manage and appropriately express a wide range of feelings. An emotionally well person pays attention to their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and can react to them in a positive and constructive manner. They possess a sense of humor, a positive self-image and a generally positive attitude toward life. An emotionally well person copes well with stress and negative emotions and is able to grow and learn from life’s challenges, seeking help from others, when needed.

Tips for Emotional Wellness

Stay Positive -
Negative thoughts can eat away at our happiness and make good situations seem bad. Unfortunately, we're often unaware that we're being negative! Positivity can take practice. Try catching your negative thoughts and changing them into positive ones. Practice smiling (yes, really!). Or keep a gratitude journal.

Develop Goals -
Self-esteem stems from trusting yourself and your abilities. Feeling good about yourself requires action on your part, rather than relying on others to tell you how wonderful you are. Work to set realistic goals that you can accomplish; this will not only boost your self-esteem, but help you see that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Accept Changes and Challenges In Your Life -
As college students, we are going through changes and adapting to new experiences such as living situations, relationships, graduation, and even new jobs. Let’s not forget about our time management skills! Embrace these changes. If you become resistant to change, you could experience frustration, anger, anxiety, and a plethora of other emotions. It is important to look at change as a positive and think about the “why” regarding the situation that you may find yourself in.

Learn To Laugh -
Research has shown that laughter can boost your immune system, ease pain, relax your body, and reduce stress. Find something to laugh about each day. Laughter is a good reminder to have a positive mindset, and to look for the ease in life.

WSU Resources

Counseling and Psychological Services Center
Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, academic or career uncertainty, identity confusion, loneliness, grief, or other concerns, the WSU Counseling & Psychological Services Center can help.

Stress Relief Center
The Stress Relief Center has been designed to give you a large number of effective tools that work to reduce your stress and help you feel a lot better.

Women’s Center
The Women's Center serves WSU students as well as women in the community. Through different programs such as Single Moms Support and various conferences the center works to advocate, educate and empower women.

Counseling Center Groups
Offers interactive and educational group discussion on a variety of topics including relaxation/meditation and coping skills.

Clubs and Groups
The purpose of clubs and organizations are to assist in developing new leadership skills. Students involved outside of the classroom typically have more success inside the classroom. There is sure to be a group for you!   

Student Involvement and Leadership
Promotes the development of the whole student through co-curricular opportunities, leadership experiences, and community involvement in an inclusive environment.

Performing Arts       
The Performing Arts Department puts on events throughout the school year that include dance, music, and theater.
Diversity Center
The Diversity Center develops a neutral ground for all students and staff to learn about diversity through a series of informative programs that expose them to each other, regardless of their age, ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation or physical qualities.

International Student Center
Advises and assists international students with their personal, cultural, and academic adjustment to WSU. An orientation program is provided for all new international students each semester. Advisement is available to assist students concerning immigration related questions and concerns.

Nontraditional Student Center
Support for nontraditional students who are over 25, married, divorced, widowed, or who are parents with academic and personal goals; provide a common place for students to meet and build support networks; offer educational and social programs, resources, and referral services to create an environment of support to help you be successful.

Services for Veteran Students
Helps students who may be eligible to receive GI Bill benefits for their education through the process of eligibility, admissions, registration, and paying for their education.


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