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Every year, Weber State students work hard to achieve their goals. Many go on to become inspirational alumni who continue to strive for excellence. These stories highlight just how brilliant our community is.

Patrick Luo

Athletic Therapy

A WSU grad/high-achieving student who learned to prioritize his mental health, not just academic success.

Read Patrick's Story

Tawna Halbert

Dance Education

Weber State alum uses dance to heal and unite.

Read Tawna's Story

Tawnie Moore


Olympic dreams inspire area track coach.

Read Tawnie's Story

JC Sessions


Attending WSU is a family tradition for the Sessions.

Read JC's Story

Daniel Wright Jr.


Family inspires graduate on and off the field.

Watch Daniel's Video

Yuqi Liu

Business Administration

WSU grad turned recruiter receives Crystal Crest award for painting.

Read Yuqi's Story

Cory Britton

Computer Science

First-generation college student goes from shy to successful.

Read Cory's Story

Jennifer Morales


A first-generation junior exemplifies International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Read Jennifer's story...

Brian Maynard


Family ties inspire nursing student’s journey to success.

Read Brian's Story

Janae Thomas

Construction Management

WSU graduate makes a name for herself in construction.

Read Janae's Story

Pete Sands


Time Magazine honors WSU alumnus for volunteer work with the Navajo Nation.

Read Pete's Story

Timber Erickson


WSU senior takes his skills outside of the classroom to make Utah wildlife safer.

Read Timber's Story

Karen Valdez


Communication graduate goes above and beyond for local charity and receives award.

Read Karen's Story

Mindy Robert


WSU nursing student recognized nationally for developing an adaptive yoga course. Namaste for all!

Read Mindy's Story

Raul Torres

Criminal Justice | ROTC

From tragedy to triumph, death of a loved one compels student to complete education.

Read Raul's Story

Anna Robbins


Student returns to WSU over and over to further their education.

Read Anna's Story

Shiyenne Yazzi

Radiologic Sciences

The WSU Radiologic Sciences Outreach Program is more than just an education for this student.

Read Shiyenne's Story

Armand Berry

Physical Education

Survivor inspired to pursue their dreams at WSU.

Read Armand's Story

Tammy McCray


’CATapult Scholarship gets student to graduation day.

Read Tammy's Story

Rodrigue Kissou


Student leaves Africa to find open arms and unexpected success at WSU.

Read Rodrigue's Story

Yu-Jane Yang

Arts & Humanities

Keyboard studies professor honored by the Music Teachers National Association.

Read Yu-Jane's Story

Gabi Butler

Spirit Squad

WSU's Spirit Squad sees a famous face.

Read Gabi's Story

Gabriela Rosas Calderon


Dreams of being a teacher become a reality thanks to Utah Jazz scholarship.

Read Gabriela's Story

Shawn McGrath

Geology & Anthropology

Former Apache pilot majors in reinvention.

Read Shawn's Story

Romy Ingram

Community Education Center

WSU’s English as a Second Language program helps entrepreneur kickstart sewing business.

Read Romy's Story

Aerial Martinez

Early Childhood/Elem Ed

WSU student puts it all into inspiring children.

Read Aeriel's Story

Tori Schaffer


Chemistry and forensic science make a perfect pair for this master’s student.

Watch Tori's Video

Camille Taylor


A WSU graduate is the top promoter of her home.

Read Camille's Story

Donna Dinette

Dental Hygiene

She pursued a life-long dream at age 51.

Read Donna's Story

Jake Wadsworth & Ryan Holmes


They had the confidence to launch a multimillion dollar company.

Read Their Story

Andy Truong


A budding makeup artist with Hollywood dreams.

Read Andy's Story

William Ward

Art & History

A retiree reignites his passion for learning.

Read William's Story

Matthew Nicholaou

Medical Lab Sciences

This professor played an essential role in WSU’s COVID response.

Read Matt's Story

Shardae Jones

Integrated Studies

WSU grad has a passion for helping others.

Read Shardae's Story

Giovanni Frias

Professional Sales

Weber State programs helps this student on "rollercoaster" to graduation.

Read Gio's Story

Elaine Cope

Manufacturing Engineering Tech

This STEM advocate combined welding and sewing into a career.

Read Elaine's Story

Paige Stevens

Social Science Teaching

"All my professors... were happy to either help me get there or show me the way I could get it myself."

Read Paige's Story

Xitlalli Villanueva

Microbiology & Sociology

Weber State student sees success on the Utah Board of Higher Education.

Read Xitalli's Story

Garrett Potokar

Professional Sales

A determined advocate and Weber State's first LGBTQ+ student senator.

Read Garrett's Story

Artem Koval

Computer Science

College not just a dream for Ukrainian immigrant at WSU.

Read Artem's Story

Madeleine Sorbonne


This award-winning WSU student discovered her passion through hardship.

Read Madeleine's Story

Derek Jensen

Mechanical Engineering/p>

After active duty and deployment, a veterans program helped this student succeed and connect.

Read Derek's Story

Raqueal Andreasen

Criminal Justice

"College is an opportunity to do exactly what you want with your life despite the cards you’ve been dealt."

Read Raqueal's Story

Lea Flinders

Elementary Ed

TAPT program helps nontraditional student reach her dreams of becoming a teacher.

Read Lea's Story

Matthew Castiana

Rehab Sciences

Weber State gave him the tools needed to become a successful athletic trainer.

Read Matthew's Story

Zadoth Vazquez

Med Lab Sciences

A microscope changed her world.

Read Zadoth's Story

Tyler Rupe

Athletic Training

This health professions student found himself and took chances.

Read Tyler's Story

Tess Wunderlich

Med Lab Sciences

"Whatever you end up doing, even if you change your mind a million times, make sure it's something you love."

Read Tess's Story

Reece Richardson

Radiologic Sciences

"My professors knew what I could do before I did, and they pushed me to do it."

Read Reece's Story

Yuritzi Rosas Hernandez

Marketing & Economics

"I always knew I wanted to get my degree, I knew it would open doors, but I couldn't always see the path to get there."

Read Yuritzi's Story

Sharon Barner

General Education

This nontraditional student hit her stride and found success...on TikTok!

Read Sharon's Story

Jericho Robbins

Elementary Education

"My family was always encouraging me on the path to teaching."

Read Jericho's Story

Patrick Ramsey

Creative Writing

Weber State taught him the importance of aligning his literary passions and community.

Read Patrick's Story