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JC Sessions


My whole life was planned around attending Weber State. My parents both attended Weber for undergraduate degrees and both had the opportunity to teach here, so it is kind of family tradition to attend WSU. I have, overall, really enjoyed it.


I picked the entrepreneurship minor because I've always been interested in coming up with new ways to do things and have always been interested in starting a business. I just never knew how. The Goddard School of Business has helped me a lot with that.


What I love about the Goddard School of Business is how practical it is. I've never had a business class that was theoretical, which was kind of a shock to me at first.  Each class, especially in Entrepreneurship, has been very hands-on. I've learned a lot this way, even if at times it has been more challenging than merely writing an essay or taking a quiz. More challenging, but more rewarding. 

The best resources at the Goddard School have been the super helpful and cool professors. I've had countless people help me and my wife on our journey forward. They've bent over backwards to help us achieve our goals and have given us a lot of guidance on what to do next. 

I also really enjoyed the Entrepreneurship Lecture Series, where successful entrepreneurs like the founder of Swig and the Bohme sisters have shared their stories of dedication and success. They've learned lessons the hard way, and getting to learn what they did that worked and also what didn't was really enlightening.


When I was in a transition period in my life, David Read, a professor in the Goddard School I had only met a couple of times, really took me under his wing and helped me figure out what I wanted to do. He helped me see what I could accomplish with a little guidance and perspective. He was the one who convinced me to try to attend a Master's program in England, and Law School after that. He then gave me advice on how to reach those somewhat lofty, intimidating goals. Honestly, I would not and could not have made the choices I did without his advice.

As the director of the Entrepreneurship Center on Campus, Brandon Stoddard helped me get into the minor program and I took two classes from him. I had kind of a weird schedule, but he worked with me so I could graduate on time. He also helped me get out of my academic comfort zone. Several assignments in his classes I was uneasy about at first - I needed to talk to real people and get their opinions on my business idea, or I needed to meet with a real business owner and help her with her real business. Those kinds of things are the most intimidating assignments, but they're also the most valuable in terms of the skills they build and the lessons  they teach. I'm positive those skills will come in handy when I am attending my graduate programs and starting my career. 


Weber has a little known secret; the Goddard School is actually the best business school in the state. It's the best in terms of quality, class sizes, professors, and so on. Although I didn't major in a business field, I was exposed enough to the professors and the environment to know that potential college students interested in business probably have no better option than the Goddard School right here at Weber. If you do decide to come here, be prepared to work hard. The Business School is very good, and it prepares you very well for the career field. These benefits require a lot of hard work, but I think it is definitely worth it. 


The biggest effect Weber State had on my life was helping me realize my potential. I spent a long time trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life after I graduated from Weber. I have no doubt that my experiences in the Business School and in the Entrepreneurship minor helped me become a more unique, well-rounded, qualified candidate.

With Weber's Business School under my belt, I feel excited for the path that's ahead. I'm looking forward to attending school in England to further diversify my world outlook and to obtain a Master's Degree. Attending Law School will be a blast too, and having taken some classes on Business Law at the Goddard School, I feel more prepared to tackle what comes next in my life. My end goal is to do something within the field of law, hopefully that something will be historically-engaging. I hope that I can tie my skills as an entrepreneur into doing law as well.