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Weber State Stories

Here you’ll find stories that spotlight some of Weber State University’s boldest and brightest — people with the drive to go into the world, the workforce or wherever their passion takes them and be brilliant. Home to Wildcats from all walks of life, Weber State has played a significant part in each person’s journey to learn, grow and shine, both on campus and in the community.

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microbiology & sociology

Xitlalli Villanueva

Weber State student sees success on the Utah Board of Higher Education.

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rehabilitation sciences

Matthew Castiana

"Weber State gave me all the tools and guidance I needed to become a successful athletic trainer."

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Social Science Composite Teaching

Paige Stevens

"All my professors knew the goals I had, and they were happy to either help me get there or show me the way I could get it myself."

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“Every student deserves a voice.”

Professional Sales

GArrett Potokar

A determined advocate and Weber State's first LGBTQ+ student senator.

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Criminal justice

Raquel Andreasen

"College is an opportunity to do exactly what you want with your life despite the cards you’ve been dealt."

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Elementary Education

Lea Flinders

TAPT program helps nontraditional student reach her dreams of becoming a teacher.

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Medical Laboratory Sciences

Zadoth Vazquez

"A microscope changed her world."

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“The military was so structured, but in college everything was up to me. Veterans Upward Bound really helped with that challenge.”


Derek Jensen

After active duty and deployment, a Weber State veterans program helped this student succeed and connect with other students.

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Weber State had the best ROI of Utah colleges in 2022 according to a Georgetown University study.
WSU is a best accredited online college per US News and World Report in 2022.
WSU was on Forbes' America's Top Colleges list in 2021.
Weber State was named to the Princeton Review's best regional colleges in 2022.
The Military Times named WSU No. 2 best in the nation for veterans in 2021.