Spring 2020 BFA Thesis Exhibition

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the Department of Visual Art and Design at Weber State University exhibit their capstone work in a thesis exhibition prior to graduation.  The exhibition usually takes place twice a year, for both Fall and Spring graduates, and provides a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their best art and design work alongside their peers, however, because of campus closure due to COVID-19, we are unable to physically host the exhibition for the 18 Spring 2020 graduates. Alternatively images of the students work were published on Instagram for public viewing. 

Fine Artists

Greg Sanderson


Kelli Kathleen Collins


Lexus Merrill



Micah J. Payan


Monique Sutherland


Graphic Designers

Breana Bradford 


Delaney Nye


Em Gardner


Jaime Contreras


Jane Enser


Jennifer Merrel



Joshua Peterson



Karson Udy


Kayla Astle


Matthew Asay



Tannessa Reynolds


Thomas Foxley


Valen Hill