PSSA Students Continue to Rack Up Awards

October 31, 2023
PHOENIX – Current Professional Sales Student Association students placed at the 2023
Southwest Sports Combine, a sales competition held by Arizona State University. Casey Smith,
a sophomore Professional Sales major from Farmington, took second place in the corporate
sales portion of the event, earning $250. The event was Smith’s first major sales event that he
competed in as a member of the PSSA.

“I had an amazing time at the event, learning from peers, and then learning from top sports
industry professionals at the event has given me a drive to compete and grow.” Said Smith.
This was the first year of the Southwest Sports Combine and one of the only sales competitions
held in the western United States. Three additional PSSA students, Brooklyn Edwards, Court
Henderson, and Chet Larger also competed at the event. Instructor Ryan McKeehan
chaperoned the students and helped coach them to their success. The Southwest Sports
Combine is a sister event to the National Collegiate Sports Sales Championship in Atlanta that
PSSA students will compete in during the spring 2024 semester.
“I loved my experience at this event, and I look forward to more challenges and competitions
ahead.” Said Smith.

The Southwest Sports Combine came on the heels of the National Team Selling Competition
held in Bloomington, Indiana. At that event, a team of four sales students, Parker Wilcox,
Cooper Raymond, Caitlynn Hansen, and the previously mentioned Larger. It was the fourth time
students from Weber State competed in Indiana at the team-selling event.

“NTSC was an incredible experience.” Said Larger, a junior professional sales major from
Cincinnati. “It was my first time competing in a sales competition, and I wouldn’t have wanted it
any other way. They ran everything very professionally and really allowed the students to
interact with the sponsoring companies as well as other students.”
Professional Sales students will continue on the competitive circuit in November, where they will
compete at the Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition in Rhode Island, and the National
Sales Challenge in New York.