WSU Celebrates Derrick Porter at the Legacy of Excellence Event

OGDEN – Derrick Porter, former CEO of Beauty Industry Group, was honored this past week at the Legacy of Excellence Event. Porter, a Professional Sales graduate in 2010, was given the award and a member of the Alan E. Hall of Fame. The dinner, a bi-annual
event, honors Professional Sales alumni for their accomplishments in the professional workforce, and their incredible vision in their careers.

Derrick Porter was honored this past week, as the spring inductee into the Alan E. Hall of Fame, at Weber State University hosted by the Department of Professional Sales and the Alan E. Hall Center for Sales Excellence. The award recognizes exemplary alumni
of the Professional Sales Department and highlights the success they have had in the corporate world.

“It was a real honor for me to be recognized by Mr. Alan Hall, Weber State University, and so many friends in the Professional Sales Department as the recipient of the Alan E. Hall of Fame Legacy of Excellence Award.” Said Porter. 

Porter, graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Technical Sales in 2010 and went on to receive his MBA from The Ohio State University. Porter has served as CEO of Beauty Industry Group (BIG) for 18 years, overseeing its growth into a global entity managing 13 beauty brands across 165 countries. Transitioning from CEO to a Board member, he recently accepted a significant role as Executive Producer, Principal Writer, and Presenter for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; long-standing broadcast, “The Spoken Word"; Past achievements include recognition by Goldman Sachs as a member of the Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2020 and as Utah’s International Business of the Year in 2023.

“I believe very much in the mission of the Professional Sales Department at Weber State University.” Said Porter. “The skillsets I learned there have been carried with me and aided me in running Beauty Industry Group for the last nearly two decades.”

The event is sponsored by Alan E. Hall, another notable alum, who has gone out of his way to support the department, and is the brainchild behind founding the Alan E. Hall Center for Sales Excellence. At the event, attendees were privileged to watch a video of
both Alan, and his wife Jeannie, discussing their lives, endeavors, much of which is hallmarked by the outstanding support of Weber State University.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a memorable celebration of sales excellence.” Said Hall. “It was an honor to witness the Hall of Fame award presented to Mr. Derrick Porter, who is an outstanding Weber State Sales alumnus for his remarkable achievements in the sales world. The other shining stars of the night were the graduating seniors. Armed with a world-class sales education, these students ensure us that the future is bright in sales leadership.”

Attendees of the event, many of them graduating seniors, were also privileged to hear ‘Last Lectures’ by Professional Sales faculty members, one of which was retiring Professor, Jo Ellen Jonsson, one of the mainstays of the department for decades. Jonsson delivered her unofficial final remarks as a faculty member just before she teaches her final class at the end of this semester.

“This occasion holds significance for both our students and faculty alike. After collaborating with many of our students online, it's gratifying to meet them face-to-face.” Said Professor Jonsson. “This year's farewell was particularly poignant for me, being my
final chance to express to faculty and students the profound impact they've had on my career. I feel immensely privileged to have been a member of the Professional Sales department for 20 years.”

“We were so honored to hear some astounding and incredible words by such a valuable professor.” Said Dr. Mikelle Barberi-Weil, organizer of the event. “What she has brought to our department over the years is invaluable. She has had such an incredible impact on so many lives during her tenure.”

The Alan E. Hall of Fame Legacy of Excellence Award highlights Professional Sales alumni on a bi-annual basis at the end of each semester. Attendees of the event include partners of the sales center, along with graduating students of the corresponding
semester. The next inductee will be in December, 2024.